Debt Free LifeStyle – Living Benefits

Our Debt Free Program will pay off ALL your debts including your mortgage in 7 – 10 years or less. Additionally, you will have plenty of money left over for retirement or you can borrow money from yourself TAX FREE and make purchases, investments, or anything else you choose. It’s your money! On average our clients have eliminated over $200,000 of debt and have saved over $41,000 in interest and have cut off over 12 years of debt payments.

Additionally, we have Living benefits, or critical illness, insurance that can be used if you are diagnosed with a covered critical medical condition. Living benefits provide a lump-sum payment that can be used to avoid financial burden. Because of this, a living benefits payout is particularly useful for getting the treatment you want, including alternative treatments. In addition, you’ll also have freedom to spend more time with loved ones. Additionally, use the payment to keep current on mortgage payments and fill in financial gaps. As with most insurance coverage, approval for living benefits is dependent on a number of factors including current health and medical history, age, and occupation.

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