Mortgage Protection

In the event of your death, will your loved ones be able to keep paying the mortgage on your home? Mortgage protection insurance plans are designed to provide a death benefit to pay off all, or a portion of, your mortgage so your family isn’t left with bills they can’t manage. This product, offered by many of our 22+ carriers, can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Optional riders are also available in many states that can allow you to get a refund of your premium if the insurance goes unused. Your home is your most important asset – make sure it’s protected.

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Benefits of Mortgage Protection Insurance:

  • Cover your mortgage for the life of the loan, so the mortgage will be paid even if you die prematurely
  • Protect your family’s biggest financial asset from foreclosure, even if your family loses your income
  • Most mortgage protection policies do not require a medical exam so they are easy to qualify for, even if you have medical problems
  • Mortgage protection death benefits are not paid directly to the mortgage lender so your family won’t have to worry about the logistics of paying the monthly mortgage on your home